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Cómics infantiles en catalán
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Lucrezia – Night of monsters

Children comic strip’s collection which you won’t be able to put down Lucrezia hears strange noises in the night while everyone else is asleep in the castle. Could it be one of her brother’s pranks?, […]

Feb, 19

Lucrezia – Pranks

First issue of the stories of the lively girl Lucrezia Lucrezia lives in a castle, she enjoys walking outdoors, reading adventure tales and meeting interesting people however, her mischievous brother called Cesare and her daily […]

Nov, 20

Boro – What kind of pet do you have?

Boro, Moro and Doro making friends Boro, Moro and Doro are three best friends from different species (a boy, a dog and a cat) who love dreaming (awake and also asleep) and playing with other […]

Mar, 11

Boro – First Day of School

First issue of the stories of Boro, Moro and Doro The summer has come to an end and Boro, as well as all other kids, returns to school, but the day has many hours and […]

Mar, 11


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