Little lost rabbit finds a family

App available in the App Store 30 March 2012 until 18 May 2013.

Sold in the following countries:

  • Spain, USA, Italy, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Mexico and China.

Very different things are happening on each side of the garden fence. Living on one side is a rabbit family that goes out to the garden each day to pick their vegetables. On the other side is a little lost bunny who is all alone.

What will happen on each side of the fence?

A short story for young readers who are taking their first steps in the fascinating world of reading

  • The illustrations are optimized for the screen of the new iPad.
  • This version includes animations and interactivity in each character.

Text and illustrations:

Corrections and translations: Contextuàlia

  • English: Susan Feuer.
  • French: Genona Galera & Babeth Genais.
  • German: Bibets Ramos i Viladrich.
  • Italian: Valeria Vassale.

Audio: Audioart Estudi

  • Catalan and spanish: Dolors Sans.
  • English: Leslye Charles.
  • French: Josephine Grundy.
  • Italian: Giulia Tellarini.

What’s New in Version 1.1.9

  • New screen with Settings options.
  • New feature: now you can record your own voice!
    You can tell the story to your kids or they can play and try it them!

Updated: Nov 09, 2012
Version: 1.1.10
Size: 39.4 MB
Languages: English, Catalan, French, Italian, Spanish
First readers: 4 to 6 year-olds.

ISBN: 978-84-939966-1-1



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