The Golden Bird

L'ocell daurat. Roser Rius - Adaptació d'un conte popula amb gloses de Núria Albó

Illustrated adaptation from the cantata provided by a children’s literature classic which young readers will be delighted with.

Do you remember those story tales you were told when you were a child? Those classics we grew up with and dreamed of… Surely, you would like your children to enter in the reading world with them. That is why we offer you The Golden Bird, a tale with pranks, kings and princesses which, besides, it will teach your children traditional professions thorough a bird so clever that he will dazzle them.

One of the peculiarities of this app is letting the reader record his or her voice. And what does it mean? It means the possibility for children to record their own voices, encouraging them to enjoy reading as a family, or on their own, for the most fearless young readers. Who will perform the bird’s voice? Who will be the tailor? Who will solve the awesome ending? Or perhaps, it will be the same reader who will perform all the character voices, by showing his/her skillfulness?

From iLUBUC we hope you both, parents and children alike, enjoy the small big adventure that is this Catalan tale.

Version: 1.0
Size: MB
Languages: Catalan, Spanish
Reading Level: 9 to 11 year-olds.
Number of Screens: 22

ISBN: 978-84-

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This article was written on 30 Aug 2013, and is filled under Storybook apps.

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