iLUBUC, a digital content producer and publisher specialised in illustration: apps, digital books and comics for kids

A commitment to digital content and illustration

iLUBUC, a digital content producer and publisher specialised in illustration, was created in 2011 at the initiative of Lluís M. Abian, who is now the head of the company.

At the moment, the company primarily focuses its work on the production and publication of digital books for children and toddlers. These projects have a highly important graphic component, making illustration absolutely essential.

A bridge between the paper format and digital worlds

iLUBUC was moreover conceived with the aim of creating a niche for itself in the digital world as a bridge between the new sector and that of the traditional paper support. As a result, the company offers publishing houses the option of going from paper to the digital format, while providing guidance for the distribution and marketing of those products.

This sector includes the more specific area of the text book, where iLUBUC assists publishing houses by recommending different channels to adapt traditional designs to multi-platform formats that can be viewed on countless diverse supports including the laptop computer and digital blackboards.

iLUBUC is part of EDITA Interactiva, the spanish association of digital publishing companies.

EDITA Interactiva