Let us introduce you to little Boro

Boro is the amusing main character of the Boro, Moro & Doro’s witty comic strips which is going to have its 15th anniversary.

Who is Boro? He is an amusing and witty boy who, accompanied by his dog Moro and his cat Doro, they take the reader into their small, familiar and imaginative universe, where his speaking pets are an important part of it, because, what it could be more stimulating for a child than seeing his/her pets talking? Surely, your children have played the game of making your dog, cat of even the hamster… talk. Or perhaps it was you who tried to when you were a child…? Anyway, children’s imagination has no limits, has it?

The well-known comic character Boro, created by Toni Cabo, has been entertaining for years with his comic strips and now for the first time, he joins the digital era and arrives at your home through the comfortable reading devices to entertain old and young readers alike; are you going to invite Boro into your home? Be warned: he will steal the hearts of all the family members…

From iLUBUC we hope your kids enjoy the Boro, Moro & Doro children comic strips as much as we did.


This article was written on 11 Feb 2014, and is filled under News.

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