Toni Cabo’s characters: Boro, Lucrecia and Georgina

The author from Valencia Toni Cabo introduces us to his gallery of characters, as diverse as they are touching, drawn with respect and dedication from the trend of the clear line and achieving his own and characteristic aesthetics.

From the lively girl Lucrecia, to the dynamic Georgina, in the middle there is also the well-known Boro who has been entertaining audiences for almost fifteen years, a mischievous boy, always protected by his inseparable friends: Moro, the dog and Doro, the cat which they really interact as cat and dog.

But, who is who in here? What are they like and how have these funny characters been created?


Boro, Moro and Doro are the legendary threesome, a small group of inseparable friends, made up of a child, a dog and a cat, each one with its own personality. Boro is a restless kid, mischievous and loving kid all at once, Moro is his loyal, self-sacrificing and obedient dog – not so smart, by the way – and to top it off, there is Doro, a self-reliant and clever cat which completes this little gang, so that conflicts and amusing situations will be guaranteed with these three characters who in 2014 will celebrate their fifteenth anniversary since their creation, because… where and when were they born, yet? It was in 1998, in the magazine for children called “Camacuc” and they quickly jumped onto “Tretzevents” as well as ”Piu-Piu”. And you know what? Boro has traditionally spoken Catalan and soon he also will speak English, Spanish and some other languages! Boro, Moro & Doro - Toni Cabo


Lucrecia is a curious girl, as many of you already know, inspired by the historical character Lucrecia Borgia but gifted with a sweetness and freshness without match and who was born in 2002 from the children magazine “Tretzevents”, in which she was also consolidated as a comic strip as well as a summer amusement. Not in vain, she is a lively and curious character who gently pushes the youngest to having fun reading, in nature and in small beautiful things. She is basically, the youngest character of the author. Lucrecia, Tata & César - Toni cabo


Finally, we cannot forget Georgina, a twelve-year old young girl, dynamic, sweetly naive, wise, and who inhabits a universe replete with family and friends who entertain young and old readers alike, as her little brother, Xavi, the real naughty one. However, on the question of her real age, we must tell you Georgina is the longest-standing character created by Toni Cabo even with more experiences than any other, since she was born in 1986 as a comic strip character – as a result of the collaboration with the scriptwriter Pau Marqués – in “Camacuc” magazine and she soon got her own adventures in long story form. Georgina and friends - Toni Cabo Now you already know them a little… would you like to go into in their universe and have fun with them? They are waiting for you!


This article was written on 22 Mar 2014, and is filled under News.

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